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Details of the lift pass prices for next Winter have been announced A 6 day Adult 3 Valleys is now €283 and Courchevel Valley (includes La Tania) is now €240. This is an increase of 2% and 2.9% from last year and with the Euro currently at €1.26 / £1 bank rate this could make it cheaper than last season!
 For comparison the prices increases for 3V & Courchevel  passes were 9.5% & 7.9% in 2013 and 7.3% & 6.5% in 2014.

•  1 Day Courchevel €49
•  6 Day Courchevel €240
•  1 Day Three Valleys €58
•  6 Day Three Valleys €283
•  3 Valleys Extension €31.50

The Duo pass, Tribu and Family passes are to also be available as last year.



November 2013
 A Month under a very active, westerly current influencing many disturbances responsible for heavy rainfall, heavy snowfall in mid and high mountain. Thaw and warmer  phases alternate with cold periods .

December 2013
Always very disturbed and with snowy weather but in the significantly colder periods there will be sunshine in the  lower valley, the sky will be covered in low clouds in the mountains

January 2014
A Long period of cold weather is previewed, sunny, often very cold in the valleys , a real bitter cold . At altitude, it will be nicer with the influence of temperature inversions.

February 2014
This is one of the more disturbed winter months of winter, when it will snow abundantly down as far as the plain as in the mountains. The periods of sun will also be very cold .
March 2014
Still snowfall early in  the month by the westerly current flow,  changing  to the southwest providing spring sunshine and milder conditions. One last cold wave reaches the end of the month with snow right to the plain.

April 2014
Disrupted between cold and mild weather over much of the month then a southerly flow will bring warm and sunny summer time, by the end of the month and the ski season.



October 2013
Mild and sunny early in the month then the first cold snap of the winter with snow to 1000 m and the northwest current bringing rain and snow to 1000 m, some beautiful days between. However the snow falls will be important on the upper mountain regions.

November 2013
The first half will be disrupted from the northwest, the weather will be rainy, with snowfall between 1000 and 2000 m. the second part of the month will be warm and sunny.

December 2013
Rainy weather with heavy snowfall from the mid (from 1000m) to high mountain. A lull in the middle of the month of mild, sunny, dry weather. However the end of the month will be cold with heavy snow right down to the lowlands and valleys.

January 2014
Very wintry months weather with the  north northeast current bringing heavy snowfall down to the plains. During the thaw, it will snow in abundance in the mountains. Very cold in the second half of the month with -15 ° in the valleys, but it will not last.

February 2014
The weather will be disrupted by a current of air from the west bringing rain in valleys, snowfall in mountain. Between disturbed passages, there will be spring days.

March 2014
Mild, sunny, early spring months weather brought on the foehn. Then the current will swing to the  northwest bringing snow at all altitudes.after which the weather will become spring like with times of unstable sometimes cooler weather, sometimes very warm.

April 2014
The time will be highly unstable still cold with snow showers to the valleys, the frost will be notable. The sunny days will be few and far between.


Continuing on the ski lift and area improvements,  sees in Meribel the finishing of the Saulire Express ready for the coming season, (the upper gondola was replaced last season)


This summer the Saulire Express 1 will be built and the redesigning of the lower lift station with a new entrance and ramp to the front of the building. The combined 2 stages will rise 1265 m and take just 12 minutes instead of the old 20 minute journey and like Saulire 2 it will have an 8 seat gondolas, carrying 2,400 passengers an hour.


The access piste to the Chaudanne "Traversee Bourbon" is to be made wider and gentler made possible to the removal of the old Saulire pylons


In Motteret the old Plattieres 1 and 2 gondola are to be replaced by a single gondola,  it is to be erected and working by the start of this season 2012, and will be the first 10 seater gondola in the Three Valleys! (should be interesting loading this, New Year and Feb half term week)

This lift will take just 7 minutes to do the old journey that used to take 22 minutes.

The lower lift station will be in a slightly different place on the other side of the plateau, and Plattieres 3 will continue to run to the top of the mountain.


The blue Martre piste just below the Plattieres mid station arrival is to be reshaped, widening and made less steep, so making access to Motteret easier for less experienced skiers, and hopfully better snow conditions.


Of course the most important news for Meribel is the planned opening of a Folie Douce Bar !!


La Folie Douce Meribel

First there was one in Val d’Isere, then they spread over to Val Thoren, now the owners of one of the most famous bars in the Alps are opening up one in Meribel.

If you have not heard of these bars you clearly haven’t skied within 10 miles of one as they are not quiet!

The new bar will be just under the Saulire 1 lift replacing the restaurant Choucas. It is a good location but the run down is not the easiest Red piste I have skied, in particular if the conditions are not good. No doubt this is not welcome news to the owners of other bars in the area.

In Val Thorens La Folie Douce is blamed on killing the real apres in the resort, lets hope it doesn’t do this in Meribel.




Recently released is news of a 7 year, 118 millions Euro plan for Courchevel alone, which will see realised the frequently talked about lift fro Bozel!

The mayor of Courchevel has expressed concern on the outdated  lift infrastructure and has put pressure on the lift company S3V to improve the ski area.

Highligted in their council meeting minutes is the surrising fact that a number of lift have not been entirely upgraded for over 30 years, plusupdated security measures not met.

The result is that 118 millions of Euros is to be spread out over the system in the various resorts of Courchevel over a period of 7 years.


Courchevel 1650, renamed this year to Courchevel Moriond, will receive 29  million Euros:

Removal of Trois Valley Chairlit.

Ariondaz gondola to be relaced by 2 new Gondolas, 1650 Belvedere and Belvedere Bel Air , (this due by 2013)

New Marquis chair to inprove ski to door facilities (due 2013)

New piste to expand ski area served by Chapelets chair (hope this does to effect the off piste play area we love over there!)


On the Pralong / Altiport area 6.1 million Euros:

A new garage for the piste bashers and snow cannons for the Cospillot piste.


Courchevel 1850, 1550 and Le Praz will receive 13 million Euros to contribute to:

Replacing the Biollay Chair to a new high speed 6 man chair (due 2012)

Snow cannons on Creux to inprove snow cover the whole season

A liason piste fron Grande Coombes to Cospillot with a bridge and artificial snow cover.


These proposals will no doubt be modified over the next 7 years, but it goes a long way to improving the ski area and lift system, and will indeed entice many more skiers to the region, plus give the satifaction that our hard earned lift pass charges are being put to good use! 


 Proposed Lift Improvements Courchevel

 Courchevel ski area & ski lift plan

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